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Have a question or critique about how I play Olivier, feel free to comment here. All comments are screened, anon commenting is enabled. IP logging is off. Feel free to pm me, or contact me through Plurk @ crazy_staffer

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Eventually, there will be links to a CR post and Information Post here! :3

IC Information Gathering

Resistance Roster
[When she steps out the door for her morning jog, one she will enjoy in the cold weather that is what she's used to, there is a package addressed to her. She stares at it for a brief moment, then takes it inside.]

[Housemates feel free to see her sneak off to the basement and follow.]

[Alone, in the dark basement, she opens the box to find a pocket watch nestled on top of a perfectly folded blue uniform and black, fur-lined coat. She nearly dismisses the pocket-watch, but picks it up and opens it.]

Broken, of course.

[Action: Around Town]

[When she emerges from the house again, she is in the Briggs uniform she loves so much. She can be found mumbling to herself as she makes her way to the park.]

[Action: John Doe Park]

[She's scooping snow up off the ground and making a snowball. This tree is sucking up all the energy somehow, and it's time to take out some aggression on it, and practice her aim.]

Patrol Five // Can HazTank?! [ZombieField]

[After the morning's strange phone call. Olivier decided to skip out on work and watch from the window of her house. It doesn't take long for her to see what is going on, and to be glad she stayed home.]

Phone // Locked to Edward

I'm sure you noticed by now that something like Father's dolls are running rampant around town. They aren't as aggressive as the dolls, but they seems to have the same want for human flesh. And from what I've seen out the window they seem infect those they bite. This is worse than the dolls.

I need a tank.  Preferrably one much to the Briggs specifications.

Phone // Filtered from drones/zombies

Able bodied fighters, the only way to kill these things is a shot to the head or decapition of some sort. If you need a weapon, I am sure I can find one for you [meaning she is going to try and convince Edward to make a few swords with her scrap metal]. Anything else will only slow them down.

If you are not an able bodied fighter and your house has been compromised, I offer my undergound base at 851 Goldberg Street as a shelter. Precuations will be taken to keep these things out.

Actions for Duration the event:

[She'll stalk her street for the first few hours, watching for anyone who has decided to take shelter at her base and taking out the zombies that happen to wander her way.]

[Olivier can be seen running zombies over in her  tank. She may at any point be the driver or have a driver for said tank and be taking out zombies with the gun fixed atop it.]

[Raiding the Jonathon's Tools for ammo and supplies or the General Store for food/water for those using her base as shelter.]

[Every so often, she will be returning to her house to check on her base and make sure it is zombie free/that everyone is getting along and not tearing up her base.]

[And at times, she will leave the tank to it's driver to decpaitate some zombies and help anyone who seems to be in need/offer a place atop her tank to anyone who has more long-range weapons.]

Patrol Four: The Major General On Wheels

[The idea of utilizing rollerskates in battle just wouldn't leave Olivier alone. So, it isn't odd when she finds herself at the department store trying a pair on for size. Once they're purchased, she makes her way to the park.]



[If one is going for a stroll/on their way to work in the morning, they might find Olivier pulling on the skates and attempting to get on her feet without falling. She will not let something as simple as rollerskates defeat her! ]

Around Town:

[As Scout told her, the stopping part wasn't as easy as it sounded. Feel free to have Olivier groping at you in an attempt to stop, or see her grabbing for a lightpole/ mailbox. Hopefully, her sword is not in her hands.]

The Highschool:

[Olivier is looking for someone in particular. Are you wearing a red coat? She might not realize you're not who she's looking for until after she's dragged you away from the crowd. Any sort of flailing may unbalance her since she is still on skates.]

[All sorts of falling may ensue in any of these scenarios.]

[As usual, upon stirring from sleep, Olivier reaches for her most trusted companion, the sword passed down from one Armstrong to another for generations, only to wind up with a handful of hair.

She quickly withdraws her hand, puzzled by the occurance.

She always slept on the left side of the bed, just so she could reach for her sword with her dominant hand. When she opens her eyes, she is startled to see red sheets, and an all too familiar face not far from hers. And he is wearing a tuxedo. A quick glance down at her own clothing makes her cringe.

Sparkles, an offensive abundance of them, coming from the sequence of her, curve-hugging, dress.

Her first move is to try and open the door, but the knob doesn't even turn. Next, she tries the windows. No luck.

Scowling, she tears the bouquet of roses from Yosuke's hands and smacks him in the face.]

Help me find a way out of here!

Patrol Three

[Action A: Walking through the streets of Mayfield, you may spot Olivier, sun glinting off the hilt of the sword at her side, the front of her dress soiled with dirt from the tray of daisies she carries.]

[Action B: Again walking through Mayfield, but this time in a clean dress, with a sewing mannequin under one arm and a bag full of fabric hanging from the other. She is grinning, and one might think she is a drone, until they see the sword at her side.
[Action C: One might find her sitting at the darkest table in Olney Tavern, glaring menacingly at the help as they refuse to serve her. If someone doesn't get her a drink soon, she'll have to head to Grey ABC, and if they refuse to sell to her there, well, she'll just have to persuade them, maybe with her sword.]

[Early the Next Morning]
[Action D: Walking through the park, as you pass by a thicket of trees, you might hear what sounds like something getting punched. If you dare to try and sneak up on her, you will find Olivier, clad in badly sewn, but waearable pants and a t-shirt, using her sewing mannequin as a punching bag.]

[Patrol : Two]

[Morning: 851 Goldberg]

[In the early morning, Olivier sits on the porch waiting for the delivery from the milkman. Today, she will take responsibility for drinking the milk. Not that she really wants to, but if it kills her, then that's one less day in this truth-forsaken place.  And, if any of her houesmates challenge her, she will ask them if they really want the honor. Eventually, she will get her way and much to her displeasure it will be the hormone-free milk. Now, she really will be unpredictable.]

[Afternoon: Flower Shop]

[She wields the pruning shears like a weapon, hacking off thorns and stems as if they are the drones of Mayfield. One might find her rambling to herself about the meaning of flowers, and how to use those meanings to her advantage. If any of the other florists approach her, she will be letting them know that this flower shop is under her command. Be weary, the hormone-free milk is running it's course in mood swings that she is trying to repress.] 

[Patrol l One]

[Morning/Afternoon - 851 Goldberg Street: Housemates]

[Olivier rolls over in bed, and it only takes her a minute to realize her arm is not longer in a cast, or painfull for that matter. Her hand comes up empty as she reaches to the bedpost where she usually hangs her sword. Slowly, she surveys the room.

Pictures of her, and and unfamiliar man.

Unfamiliar man in her, well, obviously not her bed.

She spots the the lamp on the bedside table and decides it will have to do. A quick, hard blow to the head will do the trick in knocking him out, and the sheets can be twisted into make-shift ropes for restraints to interrogate him.]

[Sunset: Open]

[Her housemates haven't got her quite convinced that this isn't a dream, but she takes a paperweight, or two with her, just in case she needs a weapon during her observations of this strange place. If you spot her, she will allow you to approach to a certain extent before ordering you to halt and state your name and rank. She is awfully suspicious, and will bolt/throw paperweight at you, if you look at all threatening. From the shadows, she is etching every single art of the town into her brain, hoping like hell to make some sense of it.]

Resistance Roster!

Copy/Paste, then fill it out in a comment, and I'll add you to the list!

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